Famous Quotes

Seth: "Murphy's not a dog, he's a spic -r- spaniel."

Nathan: While coloring an Indian picture, "I know there is Indian on dad's side. That makes us half Indian and half pirate!" (Blackbeard is on my side of the family)

Alix: "Now, which dishes did you want me to wash?"

Christopher: I sent a funny email to my mom which she read aloud to Chris. He says, "I didn't know my mom was funny. I've never heard her say anything funny before."

Spencer: I hear this as I am listening to phone messages, "Hey, the phone is going straight to voicemail. You might want to listen to messages."

Alix (again): after falling off my bed, "It's higher than it was before!" my response, "Well, it's not any more narrow!"

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Elizabeth said...

wow Molly - this bed is beautiful! I think it's even better than any of the pictures you sent when you were trying to decide. Do you have a shot of it zoomed out a bit? I'd love to see the whole wall. It's so pretty I want to make sure the shelves won't take away from the whole look.