More Butterflies

Crimson Patched Longwing Helaconius erato

Passionflower Helaconius hecale

Julia Dryas julia

Gray Cracker Hamadryas februa

Owl Butterfly Caligo

~Owl photos taken by Alexis Boulter~

Great Southern White Ascia monuste

Morpho Morpho peleides


Punk Kid

This is what I called him. I know, not very missionary of me, but this kid really got under my skin. He's the kid you had to watch to make sure he didn't steal the temporary tattoos. He's the kid you have to watch while people are taking pictures because he's likely to be giving “the finger” to the camera. He’s the one that goes around popping all the other children’s balloon animals. And when a group is passing out candy, he comes back again and again because his mom's sister's cousin's baby's uncle didn't get any.

This kid is really hard to love.

So it really cracked Spencer up when last Sunday he came to Spencer needing help studying for an upcoming English test. He needed to pass this test in order to pass 4th grade and enter into 5th grade when school starts next week. Spencer knew just the right person to help tutor him.

His name is Jorge, and to be honest I never really tried to learn it before he came over to the house last Monday. We worked together for a couple hours. We agreed to get together again on Tuesday. Well, a little while later he came back and explained that his test was in the morning! I asked him if he wanted to study some more and he said, 'yes'. So we worked together for another hour.

During our time together I came to find that Jorge is a lot like me. I’m sure I look like a punk to Jesus at times. I’m constantly looking out for myself, trying to get away with breaking the rules. However, He chooses to see me through a filter of grace. I am so thankful that God has extended His perfect grace to me.

When we were finished he wanted to pray for his test. This is where I love that he doesn't speak English. I can pray for him, out loud. Pray for his test, for his heart, for Jesus to be REAL to him; and he doesn't have a clue what I am saying.

Then this punk kid actually asks if I have any candy. He says he gets nervous taking a test and it will help calm his nerves. Well, who can resist an argument like that? And, apparently I am a sucker for punks.

Sunday School in Juan Pablo

Last Sunday was the first week of Sunday School for the children of Juan Pablo. We are praising God for this new ministry of Mt. Sinai Church.

A year ago we started a feeding center at Mt. Sinai, funded by a church in the States. It is run completely by the women of Mt. Sinai who tirelessly come in twice a week to prepare, serve, and clean up after children. This has greatly strengthened Mt. Sinai's presence in thie community and they have grown incredibly. Now they are are looking outward as they serve...

Sunday, Jorge and a group of teens from Mt. Sinai came and had Sunday School for Juan Pablo kids. Anyone who has helped in the Community Center there knows that it is like herding cats to get these kids organized, but miraculously they sat quietly and listened.

The teens got up front and helped lead singing, not embarrased about being seen by passers-by. Jorge is truly gifted in working with people of all ages. We feel blessed to know this group of believers who are so bold and tireless in their efforts to take the Gospel into Juan Pablo. I am excited to see what else God has in store!


Random facts...

I have been tagged by Kathleen. I am supposed to tell 7 random things about myself, then tag 7 people.

  1. I married my high school sweetheart.
  2. My first job was engraving little brass plates in a trophy shop.
  3. The only way I like to eat peanut-butter is on a sandwich with a dill pickle.
  4. I am trying to learn to take better pictures.
  5. When I was in second grade I took it upon myself to tell the class that jack-ass was not a bad word.
  6. I was sent to the principal's office for it.
  7. My mom now has an old dictionary that has the word 'jack-ass' crossed out.

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Winter Flowers

There are over 1,300 species of Orchid in Costa Rica.

These orange flowering trees bloom beautifully in January/February, when the climate is dry.