Just Hanging Out

The boys organized their own pole toss event. Christopher was the judge and I'm pretty sure Andrew was the winner. :o)


Apple Picking

The big kids weren't really interested in picking apples, but at the end of the day Christopher told Aunt Becky that this was the best day in North Carolina so far.


Graveyard Fields

We enjoyed our hike at Graveyard Fields. Beautiful leaves, though some trees were already bare.


Corn Maze

While we were visiting family in North Carolina we visited a corn maze...

We had fun with cousins...

The kids also enjoyed seeing all the exotic animals...:o)

And of course the leaves were beautiful...


6:8 Celebration Dinner

As soon as we arrived in the States, we began preparing for a 6:8 Ministries Celebration Dinner. We are celebrating all that God has done and how he has blessed us in our first full year of ministry. We have been awed by how God met all of our five year goals within the first year. His plans are much greater and better than ours, something that is certainly worth celebrating!

Spencer and Duke are in awe over how quickly the food processor can shred cheese. :o)

The empanada assembly line...with Candy doing the frying.

There were over 100 in attendance with 8 different Jacksonville churches represented. Dinner was followed by a time of testimony from those who have been to Costa Rica on short term mission trips. It was a great example of the Body of Christ coming together to celebrate a common bond...a love for Jesus and a heart for missions.


Another Snake Sighting

I've got to learn to be more prepared when Seth wants me to come look at something in his room. This little bugger was on the floor, right next to where they were playing Legos. He looks quite a bit different than the others we have been finding in the house lately. Also, this one is still alive, whereas most of the other were dead. He has more of a pattern and his body seems to be wide and flat.

Some pictures of the scales underneath reveal a spotty-striped pattern (how's that for scientific?). (Just ignore the dust on his head, apparently he has been hanging out under the bed.) Below is another belly shot, but you can also see how wide his body is compared to his tail.

For now, he is in a little plastic cage, waiting for dad to come home and share all of his snake wisdom with us. I wish we had found him a week ago so we could take him to the World of Snakes and get a professional opinion. Off to google...(but there doesn't seem to be many sites for 'what the heck kind of snake did I just find under my bed?')


Impromptu Field Trip

We decided to take a 'quick' little field trip to Mundo de Las Serpientes today. We read a lot about snakes last week and Spencer found the site when he was trying to figure out what kind of snake it was that we kept finding in the house.

The boys each got to hold a milksnake. (Alix was not interested.)
Seth noticed how the snake was 'smelling' him with his tongue. Then we remembered that he will use his Jacobson's Organ to analyze the information he brings in with his tongue.
Nathan is our animal lover. Spencer was suggesting to Nathan that he might be a Vet or scientist when he gets older. Christopher suggested a herpetologist. :o)

We think someone's lunch has escaped.
(Photo of Seth and Bunny by Alix)

On the way we had taken 'the scenic route', and it was raining when we got there...but all in all it was a beautiful and fun day.


Happy Birthday, Alix

I can't believe Alix turned 16 today! At least I can pretend she is not really driving age, as it is 18 in Costa Rica.


You are a blessing and you bring such joy into our lives. We love you! Happy 16th Birthday!

PhotoHunt: Sad

I don't remember why Nathan was sad, but here he is letting dad comfort him. This was last December.