Butterflies in Costa Rica

We recently enjoyed a trip to a Butterfly Garden near Jaco Beach. It was a real hole-in-the-wall place, but I learned that the difference is really made by your tour guide. Ours was very friendly and informative.

This big, homely guy is the caterpillar for the Owl butterfly.

Our tour guide showed us the neatest phenomenon. He tickled the chrysalis and it wiggled! He told us that at this stage of development there is only a liquid inside the chrysalis and scientists cannot figure out why they react like that.

The greatest defense this butterfly has against predators is it's camoflauge. These two eye spots are what earn the name 'Owl'.

Turned this way, you can see a snake face, another defense against predators.

A small glimpse of the inside of the wings. This was hard to get as they mostly rest with their wings closed.

Costa Rica's most famous butterfly is the Blue Morpho. The blue on the inside is much more brilliant than that of the Owl.

The caterpillar.

Sometimes the Morpho and Owl are confused with each other. The Morpho has seven spots, with the largest being in the center.

And my favorite butterfly picture of the day.

Still trying to figure out what kind he is. Should have asked the guide.


Ever been shopping with a teenage girl?

We have Grandparents in town and they wanted to take the kids Christmas shopping. We went to the Escazu mall. The boys picked out toys from the toy store and then it was Alix's turn. She decided she would like a new pair of jeans.

Anyone who has ever been shopping with a teenage daughter (especially one as picky as mine) can realize what a stressful event this might end up being.

We haven't purchased any clothes here so I don't even know where to look. But we are at the mall, right? There's got to be something! We go to American Eagle and Guess...I went into sticker shock looking at price tags of over $100 a pair. Alix said, "Mom, let's go somewhere else..."

We ended up at the Levi's store. Ok, these are only $50 (Grandma says this is ok, I'm still in sticker shock). She tries on one pair..."Mom, these are too low at the waist. Are there any higher?"

We find another pair...she thinks they might do. But..."Mom, could you go get dad so he can look and tell me if they are too tight?"

She finally found the perfect pair and I was incredibly blessed by this shopping trip with my teenage daughter. Not only was she concerned with her sense of modesty...she still wanted to make sure her dad would be pleased. Double checking her standards against his in recognizing that her senses may have conformed ever so slightly to this culture that we live in.

May she always care what her daddy thinks.


Hickey Anyone?

I was playing Disney's Scene It with the boys a few days ago. We came upon one of the scenes from the movie, The Kid. Bruce Willis was tucking his younger self in bed and they were talking about first experiences he was going to have..."When do I get my license? When do I get my first car? When do I get my first hickey?"

The scene is over and Christopher (age11) asks, "What is a hickey anyway?" Before I even have a chance to get nervous, Seth (age 6) confidently answers, "It's what you use to blow your nose."


Look What Wandered In...

These are just a few extra guests we have found in and around our house over the last year...

This guy was hanging out near my washing machine...

Same one, different view...

We rescued this one from the cat, but to no avail. The boys had a dragonfly funeral later that day.
Another creepy guy. I don't know which is worse, hairy or not.
Geometride Moth (my best guess)

You know it's time for a timeline when...

we were reading about George III marrying a German. Seth gasps and says, "but Americans are supposed to be fighting the Germans!"
(had to take a second and explain that there was no official 'America' yet and that WWII was still a long way off!)



Nathan's Pilgrim House

Seth's. Looks like Seth's pilgrims are Ticos! :o)