PhotoHunt: Candy

When I saw the theme this week was candy, I just had to take this opportunity to introduce my sweet friend, Candy. This is Candy and her husband, Duke. I have gotten to know her better this past year as they are spending their retirement years (half in CR, half in the States) serving in Costa Rica. She is fun to have around and a wonderful example to me on how to be a better mom, wife, and follower of Jesus. Love you, Candy!



So it turns out that Simon is Simone. And this sheds a little light on why Alvin and Theodore have been fighting. (according to Seth, with whom I happen to agree :o)

The kids have had fun watching Mama take care of her two babies. At first they were concerned because she kept sitting on them, until Seth (again) came to the conclusion that that is where the 'milk holes' are.

Smart kid!

A friend gave me this link. Very informative!


Bad Day/Good Day

Nathan had a rough time after sitting in some ants today.

But, because he came home from the pool early, he was able to get a little welding done. :o)


Manuel Antonio

We had a couple weeks between teams, so we took a couple days to spend time together. We went to Manuel Antonio National Park and saw lots of great wild life.

Hey mom, come see what I found...

"I found a crab!" Seth calls as we are walking the path in Manuel Antonio..
"Oh, cool, where?"
"Right here!"

"Don't you see it?"
"Oh my!" What an observant little guy!

Can you tell what we are reading right now?

The boys came down excited the other day to show me this. This might explain all the racing up and down the hall I have been hearing at night. :o)