One year later...

A year ago we moved from Costa Rica to Florida in order to allow Spencer to concentrate full-time in the Children's Ranch.  We thought that we would only be here for a year...well, that was an aggressive goal.  We are not sure exactly when we will return to Costa Rica, but we have made exciting progress.


Spencer has traveled back and forth several times, scouting out land, arranging the purchase and finally signing the papers.


Exactly one year after our flight to Florida, I was returning to Costa Rica for the first time.  It was a quick trip, good seeing old friends, but the most exciting part was getting to see the property for the first time.


The land is beautiful.  But, oh man, is it going to be a lot of work!  Just another reminder of how we are working on a project so HUGE that God is the only One who can accomplish this task.  We are so humbled to be allowed to be a small part of it, and so thankful for all who have come alongside to share in this journey and help to shoulder the load.