I was cleaning up pictures on my computer and came across this one. It reminded me of that dark time in Angie's life.

I am so excited to say that Juan and Angie's marriage has been reconciled and renewed. In November they stood before their church family and asked forgiveness and renewed their vows.

When I told Angie that we had been praying for them, she asked me to always remember to pray for them. I will continue to pray that their marriage will be strengthened and that Christ will be the center. I know she would covet your prayers as well.

Punk Kid, Part 2

Do you remember Jorge, the Punk Kid? When we first met Jorge he was a liar, thief, bully, and failing in school. Jorge, like most of us had issues and needed some help. Jorge was sponsored by Spencer's father, and everything started to change. First he attended an event hosted by one of the mission teams and accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. Soon his attitude changed and he began to smile! He started to be more pleasant and respectful. He even started making better grades! (Part of this may have been the monetary incentive, as we have started paying each child one dollar per "A" on their final exams and report cards.)

God is working in Jorge's life. Our prayer for Jorge is that he will continue to enjoy and excel in school. If he can finish school this will greatly increase his chances of finding good employment and allow an escape from the poverty.

Praise God for His faithfulness!


Our Christmas Card to You

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Christmas Party

Mount Sinai church hosted a Christmas Party for the children from the Feeding Center and the children of the Juan Pablo Sunday School.

Gifts were donated by the Celebration Church Medical Mission team and organized by the Celebration Church Family Team.

Thanks to all who contributed and helped to show a little love this Christmas!




So, we are home. Home from our four week long trip...well, home. It is a little odd to feel so at home in two such different places. It was great seeing friends and family...a little sad because we did not get to see everyone we wanted to see. It was so short...and yet so long. Spencer and I were exhausted and the kids were ready to be home.

I was a little nervous about coming back. Mostly I was afraid of this 'funk' that I seem to go through every time we come back. I didn't tell Spencer how I was feeling...I guess I am a little intimidated by his drive, passion and vision. I never want to be the one that brings him down. As he asked me to proof his newsletter, I was surprised to find that he was having the same struggle.

Maybe it is knowing that I am not alone in my weakness. Maybe it is that my friends have been praying for me. Either way, I am happy to be back and do feel refreshed and ready to face this next season of being here. I am thankful.



River Ride

We spent an afternoon with good friends on the river.

Seth and Angela are great buds!

Thanks, Rita! We had a blast!



We were incredibly blessed to be able to spend a couple days at the beach. Only Nate and Seth were brave enough to get in the water. It was our last chance, though, because that night the temperature dipped into the 30's. We were content to hunt for shells after that.


Just Hanging Out

The boys organized their own pole toss event. Christopher was the judge and I'm pretty sure Andrew was the winner. :o)


Apple Picking

The big kids weren't really interested in picking apples, but at the end of the day Christopher told Aunt Becky that this was the best day in North Carolina so far.


Graveyard Fields

We enjoyed our hike at Graveyard Fields. Beautiful leaves, though some trees were already bare.


Corn Maze

While we were visiting family in North Carolina we visited a corn maze...

We had fun with cousins...

The kids also enjoyed seeing all the exotic animals...:o)

And of course the leaves were beautiful...