Property Preview

Spencer just returned from a trip to Costa Rica.  While he was there, he toured the property we are considering for the Children's Ranch.  The architect who is helping with the project also came to view the property and let us know of the usability of the land.  He gave it a huge thumbs up!  So, unless God slams this door shut, we are pursuing this piece of land.  It is 50+ acres of hilly land with two rivers flowing through it. What an incredible display of the beauty of God's creation!







Ramblings - Miraculous

It's hard to believe that it's only been two months since we started working on the Children's Ranch project. During this time a lot has changed for our family. The most significant change for our family was relocating to the United States. It's nice to have the opportunity to focus my time and energy to this exciting new project. While past couple months has been very busy, and somewhat stressful at times, it has also been amazingly fruitful.

 Since our return to the United States God has allowed us to make some miraculous progress on the Children's Ranch project. I don't use the word miraculous lightly, and the things that have happened are truly extraordinary and defy any simple explanation. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the amazing things that have happened.

 First, we were introduced to an extremely successful lawyer that owns a successful law firm in Costa Rica. Not only is he a very competent lawyer, he also served as the Secretary of State for Costa Rica. So as you can imagine he is very well connected in the Costa Rican government. The really crazy part...this man has agreed to assist us with the legal requirements for the project free of charge. So my question is, why would this high power lawyer, whom I didn't even know two months ago, even take time to meet with the likes of me, let alone offer his assistance, free of charge?

 Then we were able to find a beautiful piece of property, 50+ acres of rolling grass land, with flowing rivers on the southern and eastern borders. The absolutely incredible part is that the owner is selling to us at a great price! Not only did he give a great price, but he is excited about the project. He has already spoken to the local municipality on our behalf! My question is why would this wealthy land owner, whom I didn't even know two months ago, take interest in us and then sell us his land at a significant discount?

 Then we acquired the talents of an extremely gifted architect from Studio V in Manhattan. His studio is currently working on several other projects that range from the Macey's Renovation valued at $120 million to the Restoration of the East River for $1.5 billion. The truly amazing part is that he has offered his services free of charge! My question is why would the owner of a prestigious architectural firm, whom I didn't even know two months ago, take an interest and donate his services?

 Wait, there's more! How is it that we have been able to raise over $15,000 in project seed money prior to holding our first fundraiser? How is it that we've been given free office space to use for the project? How is it that someone has committed to pay for all of the printing and marketing materials without being asked? How is it that we were able to have the survey on the land completed for $500, when normally it would cost at least ten times that amount?

 I could go on and on, and I could start to feel really good about myself, except I recognize that it's not me doing it. It's God! There is only one explanation for everything that has happened over the past month...and it's God. Please allow me say it again...it's GOD! Therefore, let's give credit where credit is due. I'm extremely excited, joyful, and full of praise. God gets all the praise, and all of the credit, I'm simply thankful that He would allow me to be part of what He is doing.

 In closing I would like to thank you for all of your prayers and support. Please pray for God's continued blessings on the project and our family. Please pray that God continues to work in miraculous ways. Please pray for our family to continue to adjust from the move, and also for our family's personal support. We are currently $500 short of making our budget in monthly commitments. Pray that we will always remember to give God all of the credit and praise for all that He is doing.

 We are honored to be part of what God is doing!


Child Sponsorship Update

As you know we have moved back to the States for a time.  I have left the sponsorship program in capable hands (Thanks Casey, Renee, Keisa and Laine!).  As a result, there is a new site for all the sponsorship information.  You can find it here: 6:8 Ministries Child Sponsorship.  You can also follow what's going on by following the ministry on Facebook.  Excited to see how the ministry will explode this year!