6:8 Chapel

We have been blessed to be able to rent the house next door to the Team House. There was a porch area in the back that was filled with dirt and had a lot of damage from a ceiling fan fire. Duke, Candy, Lauren, Alix and Spencer worked very hard to clean it up, paint it and put together a little chapel area. It is in the back of the house so it will be nice to have group time away from the noisy street.


Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Happy Birthday, Nathan. (Yes, we are pretending those are real candles). Nathan received three Russian Hamsters for his birthday. Their names are Alvin, Simon and Theodore.


PhotoHunt: High

Notice the clouds?
This was taken a year ago on Nathan's birthday hike.
Alajuelita, Costa Rica

PhotoHunt: Metal

Many of the houses in Costa Rica are made of tin. This one was taken in January of 2006, when Spencer and I came down to scout out moving here. This little boy reminded me of Nathan, who was also missing his front teeth at the time.


Spiny Green Lizard

We kept this guy captive for just a couple days. We decided to let him go before he went the way of the tarantula and the scorpion. (insert sad funeral music here...or maybe not)

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Our New Pets

A sweet friend of mine, one I would not offend for the world, gifted us with this Amazon Parrot. We named him Dave, after another good friend. We are working on training him to speak. It is interesting to learn about Parrots, and as they can live for 50 years, we have plenty of time.

Another interesting pet we picked up just today. No name as of yet, but my vote is for Creepy. The boys are fascinated! I feel a study on scorpions coming on.