Fresh Eggs


At the new teamhouse, near Los Anonos, we have a chicken coop. While they were building it, we held the chickens at our house. We'll keep some, but most of the hens are going to be at the teamhouse to provide the mission teams with fresh eggs!! Just four weeks until they'll start laying.



Update: Feb 13th, we have our first two eggs!



Child Sponsorship

It is time! Please consider sponsoring a child through 6:8 Ministries. Click on the picture above to check out the new site for sponsorship info, including almost 40 kids, like those pictured below, who need a sponsor.




water line

water line, originally uploaded by goodgollycr.

We passed these people waiting in line at a water distribution point in Aurora. There are spots like these all over town.

We decided to collect rain water instead...


Thankfully, we were only without water for two days. There are many, though, that are still without.


Mudslides and Flooding

Early Thursday morning there was a mudslide in San Antonio (the backside of the mountain that holds the cross). You can read a news story here. While we are deeply saddened by the devastation and lives lost, we cannot help but be thankful that we are safe. Our family and the Gills live within a couple miles of the mudslide (10 minute walk from the Gill's home).

Another area devastated by the torrential rain is Los Anonos, Escazu. This area was already going to be a target area for ministry in the upcoming year out of the new team house. There are pictures below that Spencer took Thursday while scoping out the damage and ways in which we can help.

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You can also click HERE to watch a short video taken by Steve Gill.

If you would like to help minister to others in the coming months by way of feeding and rebuilding homes, you can make your tax deductible donation by using the button below.

Thank you to all who are praying. It is humbling to see the people that are praying and supporting God's ministry here.

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El Refugio

Great video by Brian and Amanda on The Refuge Men's Center.  Worth a few minutes to watch.

The Refuge - Alajuelita, Costa Rica from Brian Blalock on Vimeo.



For a cool story, head over to the 6:8 blog.


Growing Church

This week we had combined church services. It was amazing to see everyone together at once (over 300!), crowding into the building. Praying the people of Alajuelita meet Jesus in this place.



40 Days of Prayer - Part 4

We are so thankful to have seen a lot of growth over the last few weeks. We have gone to two services in order to accommodate everyone. For our final week of prayer, we are asking God to miraculously intervene and provide so that the building we are using can be purchased. The owner is asking $125k.

And still, we are praying that lives would be changed, and God would be glorified in all that we do here.


40 Days of Prayer - part 3

As the 40 Days of Prayer continue, this week I am praying for:

  • The men's center, El Refugio, that it would be a tool for these men to kick their addictions and experience  the life changing freedom found in Christ.
  • That the church would be a source of Truth and that Christ would move in a mighty way.
  • That the marriages and families would be strengthened.  There is one marriage that I know of that is struggling greatly. 
It is only through the miraculous power of Jesus that lives will be changed!


40 Days of Prayer - part 2

This week as we continue our 40 days of prayer at Iglesia Celebracion I am focusing my prayers on the families of the church.

  • For the husbands and fathers.  That their hearts would be turned towards their families.  That there would be a new trend of faithfulness and godly examples for their children.
  • For the wives and mothers.  That they would train up their children to love the Lord.  
  • For the children.  That they would grow up to be bold followers of Jesus and be the next leaders of their communities.
Overall, praying for God to move in a mighty way through the families so that they will be drawn to him and have life changing Peace.


40 Days of Prayer

Today we are starting 40 days of prayer for Iglesia Celebracíon, Costa Rica. We are meeting with whomever cares to join us at the church at 6:00am for the next 40 days.
My prayers today:
  • For God to move in the church body in a very real way
  • That we would be a source of Light in Alajuelita
  • For Jorge and Marisol as he pastors and she supports him
  • For Spencer to be equipped as he oversees and leads
  • for myself, to be the support that Spencer needs
Care to join us?


El Refugio

3 guys

Please pray for Ali, Gerson and Tomas. Our first three residents at El Refugio, our newest ministry.

Please also pray for Brian, Amanda and ChiChi as they serve, guide and point these men to The One that can deliver them from their addictions.


Happy 11!

Happy 11!

Nathan turns 11 this month. He has such a sweet spirit and is always eager to please. We are so thankful for him.


Coming Soon...El Refugio

A few months ago 6:8, with support from Mason Community Church in Michigan, opened a feeding center. The men a required to be on time to hear a devotional and pray before eating. It has been wonderful to see the servant hearts of many from Iglesia Celebracion as they come and serve the homeless.

Out of this, also, came Mauricio's desire to do something more. He began to brainstorm with Spencer and look for properties. This is the result: A place where those who desire to kick their addictions can come and get a good nights sleep and a shower. There will also be church services and counseling held for them as Jorge pastors them. We are looking to the future with hope as we see how this takes shape.

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Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy, originally uploaded by goodgollycr.

Today we celebrate Seth's 9th birthday. Our prayer is that God will use his unique personality, many gifts and strong will to become a leader with a desire to serve God and others.


Uniform Distribution 2010

This year a team from Celebration Church Jacksonville came to help pass things out. I'm still distributing a few things here and there, but so far 110 kids were sponsored this year.

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