One year later...

A year ago we moved from Costa Rica to Florida in order to allow Spencer to concentrate full-time in the Children's Ranch.  We thought that we would only be here for a year...well, that was an aggressive goal.  We are not sure exactly when we will return to Costa Rica, but we have made exciting progress.


Spencer has traveled back and forth several times, scouting out land, arranging the purchase and finally signing the papers.


Exactly one year after our flight to Florida, I was returning to Costa Rica for the first time.  It was a quick trip, good seeing old friends, but the most exciting part was getting to see the property for the first time.


The land is beautiful.  But, oh man, is it going to be a lot of work!  Just another reminder of how we are working on a project so HUGE that God is the only One who can accomplish this task.  We are so humbled to be allowed to be a small part of it, and so thankful for all who have come alongside to share in this journey and help to shoulder the load.



Spencer's Ramblings - Miraculously Mundane

It's been a while since my last blog post, mainly because I've been waiting for something powerful to share. However, lately my days have been filled with meetings and various administrative tasks, and I realize that nobody wants to read about budgets, organizational policy, or growth strategies. However, I'm incredibly excited to share what God has placed on my heart today. I hope it encourages, and convicts all who read it. I apologize, as this is a little longer than normal. Thank you, in advance, for caring enough to read it:

Yesterday, I was sitting on top of the mission team house in Costa Rica. It was a beautiful day, and I found myself closing my eyes to feel the combination of warm sunshine and cool breeze on my face. As I opened my eyes, I found myself gazing across the San Jose valley. I was struck by the natural beauty of God's creation, and also saddened by the presence of so much pain and death. I began to pray and ask God to stir my heart and renew my passion for Him and His work through me.

I had spent the past week living out the gospel at break-neck speed, long days and late nights; but somehow the hustle and bustle was transformed into a scared calm. I found myself alone in the presence of God, and as I continued to pray and recall the events of this past week, a flood of emotion overwhelmed me. This was a strange and rare experience for me, as I've always worked hard to keep my emotions in check, but there was no fighting or holding it back. I could feel His presence, and I'm confident I heard Him speaking directly to my heart. "I love you perfectly just as you are, can you love me where I have you?" It's hard to explain, but it was like a comforting rebuke, as only God can do. A perfect love, accompanied with perfect truth.

Please allow me to explain what led me to this place. As I mentioned before, this past week I was serving on a short-term mission project in Costa Rica. My son's youth group sent a mission team, and I volunteered to serve as an adult leader. It was such an incredible joy to witness God moving in and through my son, as well as the rest of the mission team.

For me, personally, this past week was truly life changing. To have the opportunity to get back into the trenches, roll-up my sleeves, and get my hands dirty for Jesus! It was so exciting to be part of such a fruitful week. For example our very first day we had the opportunity to deliver food, and pray for little Jose Antonio! He is truly a walking miracle of God. He is also a powerful reminder that God still heals and works miracles through the prayers of His people! What an awesome encouragement to see how God can use the prayers of frail and broken people.

On Friday, I was able to eat lunch with many of my homeless friends at the feeding center. Though I haven't seen some of them for months, we still had a bond and friendship. We encouraged one another as we broke bread together. One of the men named Tony was excited to tell me how God was changing him in some very powerful ways. He went on to explain that he had been sober for fifteen months, and was no longer living on the streets. He is back home and once again living with his family.

On Saturday, we joined a group of people to hike through the wilderness to a small mountain steam to celebrate baptisms. I couldn't help but to think that this may have been similar to the way it was for John the Baptist. It was an amazing experience to have the privilege to baptize these people.

On Sunday, we attended the thriving local church plant. We had the privilege to teach the children's Sunday school classes. It was awesome to witness the packed out services, authentic worship, and awesome message. After church we conducted the final day of the children's VBS, where God brought twenty-three children into His family. It was fantastic to watch these little ones come forward and pray to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. Not to mention the countless opportunities God gave through out the week to love and pray for the local people. Now, I realize how much I've missed it...and that is part of the problem.

Viewing this past week, it's not surprising that this past year has been a difficult transition for me. However, it's not what you may suspect. It's really not the challenge of moving my family back into the American culture. It's not the stress of championing the children's ranch project, or the challenge of establishing an administrative headquarters in the United States. It's not my family's struggling personal support, or the challenges of defining and transitioning into my new role and function within 6:8 Ministries. It's the lack of exciting and tangible ministry.

I think the true challenge is that at this time last year, I spent most of my day walking the streets of Alajuelita, and living out the gospel of Jesus Christ in exciting and tangible ways. My days were filled with loving and serving people trapped in hopeless despair. I had the privilege to try and combat injustice, and empower and free those enslaved by poverty. Days filled leading mission teams, visiting feeding centers, praying for the sick, building church plants, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. I awoke most days with an excitement expecting and anticipating God to use me in powerful ways.

Now it feels as though my days are filled with boring administrative tasks. Most days it feels as though I've gone from the miraculous to the mundane. I've gone from praying with prostitutes to pushing pencils, from casting out demons to clearing desktops. I once was praying for God to heal the sick, and I almost expected to witness yet another miraculous healing! Now it feels that I'm praying for traffic patterns, and shorter lines at the bank. Lately it's been hard to find the excitement in what God is doing through me.

Intellectually, I understand that God is still working through me to strengthen and expand His kingdom here on earth. I'm absolutely positive that He has called me to lead and steward 6:8 Ministries, and He continues to grow and strengthen His ministry in powerful ways! It is a humbling honor and privilege that He would allow me to be a part of His ministry, let alone lead it. I seriously know at least a dozen men who are smarter, wiser, more talented, more experienced, and much more compassionate. Yet, for some reason He has called me to lead! This is a mystery that I don't think I'll ever truly understand the mystery of His call.

Furthermore, I understand that my role and functions are incredibly important, and aren't any less valuable than what I was doing before the transition. Actually, it's quite the opposite. In many ways I can recognize that my current function is critical to the life and health of the ministry. I know very well that without vision and leadership the ministry will suffer and become less effective.

Therefore, the problem must be something else, and I believe God revealed it to me this morning. It's my selfish pride that has made this transition so difficult. It's embarrassing and humbling to recognize it as sin. You see rather than being content where God has me, I want to experience the excitement of hands-on ministry. I want that adrenaline rush of having Him working miracles through me. My sinful pride longs for more than God's presence and call. It's not enough to administrate, facilitate, and equip others to lead, selfishly I want to experience it myself. Sadly, I've come to realize that my motives have not entirely pure. I find my heart's motives being challenged, and I long for my pride to be consumed in a Holy fire. God's word warns about doing the right thing with the wrong motives. Even our best deeds will be judged and our motives tested. Today, God has exposed the prideful motives of my sinful heart.

However, I feel that it's the beginning of the journey of renewing of my heart. I long for him to continue to refine and purify my heart and my motives. Even as I write this, I'm recalling and tearing-up thinking about our time together on the rooftop this morning. He is so good, so loving, and so patient. I'm excited and encouraged to return home, and serve Him in the mundane as if it were the miraculous! I have a renewed passion, and want to be full of excitement and zeal regardless of the task He gives me or location He calls me to serve.

So will you help me? Please pray for me as I continue to make this transition. I want to be equally excited to conduct meetings, cast vision, pour over budgets, and negotiate contracts. Please pray that everything I do, I would do unto the Lord with a supernatural passion and zeal. Please pray that God would continue to speak to me and provide wisdom, vision, and direction as I steward His ministry. Finally, pray that my trust and confidence in Him would continue to grow. That He would continue to provide for our family, and build our personal support. That He would unite and prompt His people to support and invest in what He is doing through our family and 6:8 Ministries.

Humbled and Excited by Him,



Family Update

I need to start this update with an apology. It's been a while since our last family update, and I need to do better with keeping you informed. I'm amazed how quickly time passes when you're busy, and we've been incredibly busy!

God continues to bless and grow 6:8 Ministries in amazing ways. Recently, I was asked to assume the role of President. My primary responsibility is direction and oversight of 6:8 Ministries, and I'm no longer involved in the day-to-day operations in Costa Rica. Most of my time is spent on accounting and administration, as well as developing the new Children's Ranch Project. God has already blessed the project and we have been able to raise over $80,000 in my first five months in the United States.  

God has blessed our family's transition back to the United States. We've become involved with our home church and have been blessed with an amazing small group at the church. I have become involved with the youth group and men's ministry, and have been blessed with the opportunity to lead a Men's Sunday School Class.  

Molly and the kids have gotten into a full routine between homeschooling, music lessons, and youth group. Molly has taken up the hobby of painting old furniture. She finds it cheap at thrift stores or on Craigslist, and the fixes it up and the sells it for a small profit.   


Alexis has enjoyed being a little more independent now that she has her driver's license.  She has gotten a part-time job and is looking forward to her next big adventure. As of now she is either looking at going with YWAM or the Celebration Church Ministry Intern Program. Both have great advantages and disadvantages; please pray for her as she makes this decision.

youth band 

Christopher continues to work hard with his schooling, and has set a goal to finish high school at least a year early. He also spends time practicing his guitar and is on his way to becoming an accomplished musician.  He plays in the youth band at church and is also planning to go with his youth group on a foreign mission trip this summer.

dave and leisa visit 

Nathan is still adjusting to his new braces and spends most of his free time play his drums and video games. His gentle spirit is such a blessing around the house. We are anxiously waiting for the surf temperature to reach an acceptable level so we can starting hitting the surf! 


Seth spends his day fighting his way through his schoolwork. When he's not playing video games he likes building fires, shooting bb guns, and crossbows, and exploring the woods behind our house. He is also taking piano lessons and seems to enjoy it.

Thank you for all the prayers and support. We wouldn't be able to do this if it weren't for all of you. I've included a few prayer requests so you will know how to pray for our family:

Spencer's Travels -
As I write this I find myself sitting at yet another airport, waiting to board yet another flight. I feel as though I've traveled more this year than any other, and looking at my calendar I realize that's it's not getting any better. I'm only going to be home about 15 days between today and the beginning June. Please pray for fruitful trips as I visit churches to share the vision of the 6:8 Ministries Children's Ranch. Pray for Molly as she runs the house in my absence.

Family's Support -
Since our return to the United States our family's personal support has decreased significantly. Part of the challenge is that everyone I would normally ask for personal support, I'm asking to support the Children's Ranch Project. Therefore, I am currently looking into some tent making ideas that may supplement or family's income. However, please pray the God will send more supporters.

We love and appreciate you all, 

The Boulter Family


The new year has started with an abundance of blessings. Although we are only two months into the new year, God has already done some truly amazing things. Here are a few of the headlines in which we are praising God:

Child Sponsorship -
The 6:8 Ministries staff had the privilege of distributing school uniforms and supplies to over two hundred children! Many of these children would not have had the opportunity to attend school without these sponsorships. Thank you to everyone who made this possible through sponsoring a child. 
2012 Child Sponsorship Distribution
2012 Child Sponsorship Distribution
Children's Ranch -
We have made some great progress on the Children's Ranch Project. Last week I was able to return to Costa Rica to close the deal on the land. We now own fifty acres of some of the most beautiful land on earth! We also formed a corporation in Costa Rica, which allows us to work as a legal entity in Costa Rica.
6:8 Ranch

Church Plant -
The church plant continues to grow and thrive under the leadership of Pastor Miguel. They are at 110% capacity and considering expanding into a second service. They have 18 new believers signed up for baptism next month! We are also in the process of setting up an online giving account which will allow donors in the United States to support the church.

Mission Teams -

We have hosted five mission teams in the first two months 2012. These mission teams have blessed the local people through building homes, ministering to children, distributing medicines and medical care, as well as prayer and the love of Christ.

Please join us in praising God for everything He is doing in and through 6:8 Ministries. It's such and honor and blessing to part of such a fruitful ministry. I thank God daily for the privilege of serving with 6:8 Ministries.

Thank you for all the prayers and support!


On an administrative note:

Duke's Resignation - 
After serving faithfully for five years, Duke Hammond has resigned as the president of 6:8 Ministries. Duke not only served as the president for the past five years, but he and his wife Candy were an instrumental part in founding 6:8 Ministries. I'm certain that this ministry would have never launched or grown in the way it has if it weren't for his hard work, wise counsel, and personal sacrifice. God used Duke's time with 6:8 Ministries to lead and shape this ministry in many powerful ways. He truly modeled what it means to be a servant leader, a Godly man of authority, and a man of great integrity. I'm eternally grateful to God for calling Duke to build and lead this ministry, as well as using him to lead and build me. He is a dear friend and I will miss not having him in the ministry.

New Assignments -
The 6:8 Ministries Board of Directors has appointed me to serve as the new president of 6:8 Ministries. They have also asked Steve Gill to fulfill the role of Executive Director.  


As another year passes I find myself reflecting on God's work in and through 6:8 Ministries. Over the past year there have been moments of tremendous joy and harrowing sorrow, times of celebrating success and moments of recovering from failure. However, the one constant was God's powerful presence and blessing upon 6:8 Ministries. I would like to recount some of these amazing blessings to encourage you to join us in praising the awesome God we serve. 

Over the past year we have experienced tremendous growth. God allowed us to host 52 mission teams, from 39 different churches. Many lives were blessed through these mission teams. He used these mission teams to build His local church. These teams constructed over twenty new homes and one playground for a local school. He also sent three medical teams to host free clinics, and one veterinary team to host a free animal clinic.  

God also expanded the feeding center program as we now have two churches hosting feeding centers. We also partnered with a third church to host mobile feedings. He provided us the means to  serve over 24,000 meals to the hungry. What a joy it is to be able to serve "some of the least of these".
   feeding center 
The Celebration church plant continues to bless and serve the local people. The church recently incorporated live worship, and conducted over 40 baptisms last year. The greatest part is that the local people are learning the blessing of leading a "God-first Life".

   Miguel  Mauricio's Baptism
The child sponsorship ministry has grown and we hope to provide 200 educational sponsorships in 2012. It's our hope that through providing the opportunity for these children to go to school, and equipping them for success, these children will be able to escape a life of poverty.  
Sponsored Child with New Uniform    Emanuel 
The new Children's Ranch project is underway! We have found a piece of land, had it surveyed and are preparing to sign a contact to purchase the land. You can keep up with the progress and news regarding the children's ranch project at www.68Ranch.com.   

Finally, the 6:8 Ministries staff is growing both numerically and spiritually. It's not always easy living and serving in a foreign culture, but when you can experience God working in and through you, it's totally worth it! Please continue to pray for and support our missionary families, and the work God has called us to in Costa Rica. 

In closing, we would like to thank you for all the prayers and support. We are excitedly anticipating what God is going to do in and through 6:8 Ministries in the coming year.

In Christ,