Add "hope" to your Christmas shopping list!

Dear friends,

I would like to make you aware of two very special opportunities to give this Christmas season. This truly is an opportunity for you to give a gift that will make a significant difference in the life of a child.

We are still in need of sponsors for the child educational sponsorship program. Over the past five years the 6:8 Ministries Child Sponsorship program has provided hundreds of children the opportunity to get an education. This year we have increased our goal to two hundred sponsored children. We are still in need of sponsors to reach our goal.

We are also accepting donations for the new Children's Ranch project. We are not only passionate about Educational Sponsorships, but we also want to care for the fatherless and orphaned. We believe that God has called us to start a 6:8 Ministries Children's Ranch. This ranch will provide a safe and loving environment for children who are currently living in abusive and destructive conditions.

Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to give and make a difference this Christmas season.


Property Preview

Spencer just returned from a trip to Costa Rica.  While he was there, he toured the property we are considering for the Children's Ranch.  The architect who is helping with the project also came to view the property and let us know of the usability of the land.  He gave it a huge thumbs up!  So, unless God slams this door shut, we are pursuing this piece of land.  It is 50+ acres of hilly land with two rivers flowing through it. What an incredible display of the beauty of God's creation!







Ramblings - Miraculous

It's hard to believe that it's only been two months since we started working on the Children's Ranch project. During this time a lot has changed for our family. The most significant change for our family was relocating to the United States. It's nice to have the opportunity to focus my time and energy to this exciting new project. While past couple months has been very busy, and somewhat stressful at times, it has also been amazingly fruitful.

 Since our return to the United States God has allowed us to make some miraculous progress on the Children's Ranch project. I don't use the word miraculous lightly, and the things that have happened are truly extraordinary and defy any simple explanation. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the amazing things that have happened.

 First, we were introduced to an extremely successful lawyer that owns a successful law firm in Costa Rica. Not only is he a very competent lawyer, he also served as the Secretary of State for Costa Rica. So as you can imagine he is very well connected in the Costa Rican government. The really crazy part...this man has agreed to assist us with the legal requirements for the project free of charge. So my question is, why would this high power lawyer, whom I didn't even know two months ago, even take time to meet with the likes of me, let alone offer his assistance, free of charge?

 Then we were able to find a beautiful piece of property, 50+ acres of rolling grass land, with flowing rivers on the southern and eastern borders. The absolutely incredible part is that the owner is selling to us at a great price! Not only did he give a great price, but he is excited about the project. He has already spoken to the local municipality on our behalf! My question is why would this wealthy land owner, whom I didn't even know two months ago, take interest in us and then sell us his land at a significant discount?

 Then we acquired the talents of an extremely gifted architect from Studio V in Manhattan. His studio is currently working on several other projects that range from the Macey's Renovation valued at $120 million to the Restoration of the East River for $1.5 billion. The truly amazing part is that he has offered his services free of charge! My question is why would the owner of a prestigious architectural firm, whom I didn't even know two months ago, take an interest and donate his services?

 Wait, there's more! How is it that we have been able to raise over $15,000 in project seed money prior to holding our first fundraiser? How is it that we've been given free office space to use for the project? How is it that someone has committed to pay for all of the printing and marketing materials without being asked? How is it that we were able to have the survey on the land completed for $500, when normally it would cost at least ten times that amount?

 I could go on and on, and I could start to feel really good about myself, except I recognize that it's not me doing it. It's God! There is only one explanation for everything that has happened over the past month...and it's God. Please allow me say it again...it's GOD! Therefore, let's give credit where credit is due. I'm extremely excited, joyful, and full of praise. God gets all the praise, and all of the credit, I'm simply thankful that He would allow me to be part of what He is doing.

 In closing I would like to thank you for all of your prayers and support. Please pray for God's continued blessings on the project and our family. Please pray that God continues to work in miraculous ways. Please pray for our family to continue to adjust from the move, and also for our family's personal support. We are currently $500 short of making our budget in monthly commitments. Pray that we will always remember to give God all of the credit and praise for all that He is doing.

 We are honored to be part of what God is doing!


Child Sponsorship Update

As you know we have moved back to the States for a time.  I have left the sponsorship program in capable hands (Thanks Casey, Renee, Keisa and Laine!).  As a result, there is a new site for all the sponsorship information.  You can find it here: 6:8 Ministries Child Sponsorship.  You can also follow what's going on by following the ministry on Facebook.  Excited to see how the ministry will explode this year!


Ramblings - Provision

As I type this update I'm overwhelmed by God's provision. It's been a little over two weeks since our family relocated to Jacksonville and we are finally starting to get settled.

I'm incredibly excited to have the opportunity to focus my time and energy on the new 6:8 Ministries Children's Ranch Project. You will be hearing more about this exciting project in the near future.

While the purpose of our move was clear, there was much that was uncertain. As we prepared to leave Costa Rica we sold almost everything we owned. We were not sure how we would be able to replace all of the stuff we would need to set-up house in Jacksonville. However, God provided more than I would have ever expected. God used His people to provide furniture, appliances, household items, and even vehicles! He even sent people to cut the grass and take care of the lawn!

This has been as a faith building experience, and good reminder that God has promised to provide for all of our needs. Sometimes, I tend to forget that God has promised to meet all of our family's physical needs. This can lead to worry and lack of faith. While it's easy for me to understand that God will always be there for my eternal salvation and forgiveness of sin; it's sometimes difficult to think that He cares about the small things...but you know what...He does! It's amazing to think that the same God that spoke the universe into creation, still cares about every little detail in my life.

I hope this serves as a reminder to you as well. God cares about you and is constantly providing for you. He loves you, and He has promised to provide for all of needs. This isn't prosperity theology, rather it's covenant theology. He has made a promise, and He always makes good on His promises!

In closing, I would ask that you would join us in praying for our family as we make this transition. Pray that we will continue to recognize how He is providing for us, and please pray that He will increase our family's monthly support. I'm not going to worry about it, rather I'm going to try to trust Him to increase it!



The 20th house build this year was for a sweet family from Juan Pablo.  A team from Cross Creek youth came and did an amazing job of building, both a home and relationships.

Handing over the key.

Prayer for the family.

First steps in the new house.

The team from Cross Creek Church and the family.

Maria was so excited to have a new kitchen table as well!


Ramblings - Alone

Imagine for a second, that you are eleven years old and your mother is locked away in a Colombian prison on drug trafficking charges. Your father has never been in the picture, so you live with grandma. The problem is grandma is an unemployed alcoholic and has trouble making ends meet. You eat in feeding centers and hang out in the park. Grandma loves you and does her best, but the alcohol gets the best of her.

Needless to say, the first eleven years of life has been hard for Emmanuel.  Sadly it has just gotten a little harder. You see, his grandmother was found dead in her home. She drank herself to sleep and never woke up. He is now living with his great grandmother, but this is a not a positive, long term solution.

When I think of Emmanuel and listen to his story, I can't imagine how alone he must feel. Everyone who should be there for him is gone! It's heart wrenching to think about how abandoned he must feel.

He needs a safe and caring environment where he will feel loved. A place that will teach him that he is never alone, because His father in heaven loves him unconditionally and will never leave him. I find it very interesting that his name actually means "God with us". I hope he will learn to truly understand and embrace the meaning of his name.  
Emmanuel and the thousands of children like him are the reason we at 6:8 Ministries feel called to start a children's ranch. We believe that we are called to bring hope to the hopeless, safety to those in danger, and love to the unloved. Please pray for Emmanuel and for the 6:8 Ministries Children Ranch project.  


Sailine and Emmanuel

Sailine and Emmanuel, originally uploaded by goodgollycr.
Tuesday morning we found out that Sailine passed away in her sleep. Sailine and Emmanuel were regulars at the feeding center. Emmanuel is now living with his great grandmother. Please pray for him as he mourns the loss of his grandmother.


Ramblings - Unstoppable Force

God has done some amazing things through 6:8 Ministries over the past four years! It's hard to believe that it all started with a vision to provide affordable life-changing mission experiences. While we knew there was power in mobilizing the body of Christ, I don't think any of us imagined that it would lead to where we are today.

Through the constant flow of short-term mission teams, 6:8 Ministries is transforming the city of Alajuelita. Lives are being radically transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have recently begun to re-read An Unstoppable Force by Erwin McManus. It's one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. The theme of the book is challenging us to become the church God had in mind. We are not called to be timid, lazy, or passive. Rather, an unstoppable force that will breakdown any barrier the world tries to set against the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Over the past four years I witnessed first hand what God can accomplish once His church is mobilized and motivated. Here, in Alajuelita, what started with a simple vision and a whispered prayer, has grown into an unstoppable force that is not only transforming individuals but the entire city.

What an awesome privilege it is to be part of the body of Christ! The fact that God wants to use, and has empowered us to expand His kingdom is not only a privilege, but a huge responsibility. Every believer has the power of God inside of them waiting to be turned loose. So the question remaining is how are we going to unleash the power?  

We love you guys and thanks for all the prayers and support!


Temporary Reassignment

Boulter Family Preparing to Return to United States

Boulter Family Pic
Please pray for us as we make preparations to return to the United States.

This temporary reassignment will allow Spencer to focus on the children's ranch project. Spencer will be be traveling aroung the United States to share the vision with churches, corporations, and individuals in effort to develop partnerships and raise funding for the project.   
We hope to return to Costa Rica in about one year to start construction on the 6:8 Ministries Children's Ranch.  


Happy Father's Day

fam, originally uploaded by goodgollycr.
I love this shot of a spontaneous moment in DC last month. It really is representative of Spencer's relationship with his kids.

I feel thankful and blessed that he is such a great dad.

Family Vacation

Untitled, originally uploaded by goodgollycr.
We took the opportunity last month to take a real family vacation to DC and Williamsburg, keeping in mind that this may well be our last opportunity as Alexis graduates this year. We had a wonderful time together and even enjoyed some time with my parents as they met up with us in Williamsburg. I feel so blessed to have had this time together.



April Update

God has done some amazing things through 6:8 Ministries since our last update! Over the past five weeks we have hosted eight mission teams that came to lead a pastor's conference, run a free veterinarian clinic, build two homes, and love on countless children. Therefore, March proved to be a very fruitful month.

A team from Cross Creek Church came to build a home for a widow and her three children. This family was living in horrible and inhumane conditions! Their small shack leaked, had no indoor plumbing, and looked like it could collapse at any minute. However, God sent the mission team to love on this family. They not only built them a new home, but and gave them a new hope.       

While Cross Creek Church was busy building the home, teams from Christian Campus House of University of Florida, and the Smith family from RCC Church, came to love on the children of Alajuelita. They served in the feeding centers, prayed and healed the sick, and loved the people in the name of Jesus. 
God then allowed us to host our first ever 6:8 Ministries Pastor's Conference! Chuck McArthur of Equipping Leaders International came to teach, encourage, and equip the local pastors of Alajuelita. We had eighteen pastors for eight different churches attend the conference. It was an amazing experience!  
God then allowed us to host our first ever Veterinarian Team. Sara Phipps lead a team to host a free veterinarian clinic for the people of Alajuelita. What a great opportunity to allow these women to use their specific gifts to bless the local people. The clinic was well received and they were able to treat hundreds of animals. The clinic was conducted in the church, so it was also a great outreach opportunity for the church!  
God then sent two more teams to serve. This time it was Mitchell Christian School of South Dakota, and the Gregory family. These teams came to focus on local ministries. They served in the feeding centers, senior center, drug rehabilitation center, and in the local church and communities. They delivered food to the hungry, prayer and medicine to the sick, hope to the hopeless, and love the unloved.     
Finally, God sent a team from Dolbert Presbyterian of Washington State to build yet another home! This time the home was for a single mother and her two small sons.  

Finally, I was able to travel home to Jacksonville for a few days to take care of some important business with the 6:8 Ministries Board of Directors. The board officially hired Amy Jo Jones as  part of the ever growing 6:8 Ministries staff.  

So like I said...a lot has happened since our last update! Even more so WOW WHAT A GOD WE SERVE! He truly is working all things together for good here in Costa Rica!

Love in Christ,



Desfile de los Boyeros

Sunday we were treated to a fun surprise as we had an Oxcart Parade file right past our house. The oxcarts are a beautiful tradition here in Costa Rica. (here's a short video)



IMG_1062     IMG_1157

IMG_1056     IMG_1190

The wheels are just beautiful!


And I was really impressed with this little guy and the way he led his oxen.



Happy Birthday, Seth

Seth just turned 10! It is sad to think that I no longer have any children in single digits, but I am looking forward to all that God has to bring in this next stage of life!


Seth helping make Chayote Soup. This is what he requested for his Birthday Dinner.


Who was here...


February Update

Wow what a month! While most of the United States is cold and dreary, things here have been warm, sunny, and incredibly fruitful. God has done some amazing things, and I'm so excited to share them with you. Since the last update we've hosted five different mission teams, distributed child sponsorship materials to 136 children, started two new feeding ministries, and have built two new homes!

The first mission teams to arrive were from Pinewood Presbyterian and Celebration Church. They came to help with the child sponsorship distribution. Over a period of three days 136 children received uniforms, shoes, school materials, Bibles, haircuts, eye exams, school photos, and lots of love and prayer! It was such a blessing to be able to help these children and their families in such a powerful way.
2011 Sponsorship 3  2011 Sponsorship

While these teams were busy with the Child Sponsorship Program, a team from "For the Joy" ministries were busy loving and serving the people of Alajuelita in many various ways. Especially by helping us start a new feeding center for children! They purchased tables and kitchen equipment. They served and loved in the name of Jesus. 
 Alex and Rebecca                     
Then God sent a mission team from Mason Community Church. This team brought the resources and manpower to build a home for a family in one of the poorest parts of Alajuelita. This precious family of six was living in horrible conditions. Alex, the father, works as a day laborer, but has trouble making ends meet. His wife Rebecca stays home caring for their four children.  Two of the children were able to start school for the first time due to the child sponsorship program! The family is now consistently attending Celebration Church and is becoming connected to the body of Christ and growing in their faith! 
God then brought another team from the Cambridge Financial Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. This team came to build a home for a family in Juan Pablo. This young family was living in a small one-room shack that had no bathroom. The father, Eduadro, works guarding cars at night. His wife, Carmen, stays home watching their three children Kerlyn (5), Alison (3), Henry (1).  
  Carmen and Eduardo                  

While the team was here serving tragedy struck. One of the couples on the mission team lost their home in a devastating fire! It was a intense blow, and the irony was surreal. Gary and Marilyn had come to love others, they had sacrificed their time and resources to help build others a home...and in the process they lost their home. To add to the irony, Gary was a retired firefighter!  Though they had to return home early to pick-up the pieces they left an incredible impression. People here are still talking about their servant hearts and willingness to sacrifice to love others in the name of Jesus Christ! Evidence that God is good even in the midst of tragedy.


So like I said...wow what a month! Even more so WOW WHAT A GOD WE SERVE! He truly is working all things together for good here in Costa Rica!

Love in Christ,