Family Update

I need to start this update with an apology. It's been a while since our last family update, and I need to do better with keeping you informed. I'm amazed how quickly time passes when you're busy, and we've been incredibly busy!

God continues to bless and grow 6:8 Ministries in amazing ways. Recently, I was asked to assume the role of President. My primary responsibility is direction and oversight of 6:8 Ministries, and I'm no longer involved in the day-to-day operations in Costa Rica. Most of my time is spent on accounting and administration, as well as developing the new Children's Ranch Project. God has already blessed the project and we have been able to raise over $80,000 in my first five months in the United States.  

God has blessed our family's transition back to the United States. We've become involved with our home church and have been blessed with an amazing small group at the church. I have become involved with the youth group and men's ministry, and have been blessed with the opportunity to lead a Men's Sunday School Class.  

Molly and the kids have gotten into a full routine between homeschooling, music lessons, and youth group. Molly has taken up the hobby of painting old furniture. She finds it cheap at thrift stores or on Craigslist, and the fixes it up and the sells it for a small profit.   


Alexis has enjoyed being a little more independent now that she has her driver's license.  She has gotten a part-time job and is looking forward to her next big adventure. As of now she is either looking at going with YWAM or the Celebration Church Ministry Intern Program. Both have great advantages and disadvantages; please pray for her as she makes this decision.

youth band 

Christopher continues to work hard with his schooling, and has set a goal to finish high school at least a year early. He also spends time practicing his guitar and is on his way to becoming an accomplished musician.  He plays in the youth band at church and is also planning to go with his youth group on a foreign mission trip this summer.

dave and leisa visit 

Nathan is still adjusting to his new braces and spends most of his free time play his drums and video games. His gentle spirit is such a blessing around the house. We are anxiously waiting for the surf temperature to reach an acceptable level so we can starting hitting the surf! 


Seth spends his day fighting his way through his schoolwork. When he's not playing video games he likes building fires, shooting bb guns, and crossbows, and exploring the woods behind our house. He is also taking piano lessons and seems to enjoy it.

Thank you for all the prayers and support. We wouldn't be able to do this if it weren't for all of you. I've included a few prayer requests so you will know how to pray for our family:

Spencer's Travels -
As I write this I find myself sitting at yet another airport, waiting to board yet another flight. I feel as though I've traveled more this year than any other, and looking at my calendar I realize that's it's not getting any better. I'm only going to be home about 15 days between today and the beginning June. Please pray for fruitful trips as I visit churches to share the vision of the 6:8 Ministries Children's Ranch. Pray for Molly as she runs the house in my absence.

Family's Support -
Since our return to the United States our family's personal support has decreased significantly. Part of the challenge is that everyone I would normally ask for personal support, I'm asking to support the Children's Ranch Project. Therefore, I am currently looking into some tent making ideas that may supplement or family's income. However, please pray the God will send more supporters.

We love and appreciate you all, 

The Boulter Family