PhotoHunt: Bright

Back in April we hiked, with some friends, to the first cross on the mountain.

Christopher, Nathan, Alix, and Seth.

Our friends on the right.

The San Jose Valley in the morning light.

New Car

We are so blessed and excited to have been able to purchase a vehicle that will hold our whole family, and some! Driving down the road in our new van, Spencer was telling me how pleased he is with it. I had to chuckle, who would have thought his dream car would ever be a 12 passenger Hyundai!

By the way, he did make that parking job in the picture. He is amazing at parallel parking!


PhotoHunt: Water

We recently visited La Paz Waterfall Gardens. These pictures are just a sampling of some things we saw that day.

Owl Butterfly

Hercules Beetle


Photohunt: Bad Hair

This is Nathan, about 8 years ago. If only time could stand still. (sigh)


Maybe you've been in Alajuelita too long...

when we walk past this field and Seth wonders aloud, "Why are they throwing out all that perfectly good stuff?"

A Boy and His Dog

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The Rainy Season has Arrived

These are just some cool sky shots out my bedroom window. The one below has a rainbow. Do you see it?

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Praising God

I recently made a quick trip home in order to help and comfort my mom after my dad's heart surgery. I am so thankful to say that that everything went smoothly and he is recovering nicely.