April Update

God has done some amazing things through 6:8 Ministries since our last update! Over the past five weeks we have hosted eight mission teams that came to lead a pastor's conference, run a free veterinarian clinic, build two homes, and love on countless children. Therefore, March proved to be a very fruitful month.

A team from Cross Creek Church came to build a home for a widow and her three children. This family was living in horrible and inhumane conditions! Their small shack leaked, had no indoor plumbing, and looked like it could collapse at any minute. However, God sent the mission team to love on this family. They not only built them a new home, but and gave them a new hope.       

While Cross Creek Church was busy building the home, teams from Christian Campus House of University of Florida, and the Smith family from RCC Church, came to love on the children of Alajuelita. They served in the feeding centers, prayed and healed the sick, and loved the people in the name of Jesus. 
God then allowed us to host our first ever 6:8 Ministries Pastor's Conference! Chuck McArthur of Equipping Leaders International came to teach, encourage, and equip the local pastors of Alajuelita. We had eighteen pastors for eight different churches attend the conference. It was an amazing experience!  
God then allowed us to host our first ever Veterinarian Team. Sara Phipps lead a team to host a free veterinarian clinic for the people of Alajuelita. What a great opportunity to allow these women to use their specific gifts to bless the local people. The clinic was well received and they were able to treat hundreds of animals. The clinic was conducted in the church, so it was also a great outreach opportunity for the church!  
God then sent two more teams to serve. This time it was Mitchell Christian School of South Dakota, and the Gregory family. These teams came to focus on local ministries. They served in the feeding centers, senior center, drug rehabilitation center, and in the local church and communities. They delivered food to the hungry, prayer and medicine to the sick, hope to the hopeless, and love the unloved.     
Finally, God sent a team from Dolbert Presbyterian of Washington State to build yet another home! This time the home was for a single mother and her two small sons.  

Finally, I was able to travel home to Jacksonville for a few days to take care of some important business with the 6:8 Ministries Board of Directors. The board officially hired Amy Jo Jones as  part of the ever growing 6:8 Ministries staff.  

So like I said...a lot has happened since our last update! Even more so WOW WHAT A GOD WE SERVE! He truly is working all things together for good here in Costa Rica!

Love in Christ,


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