Ramblings - Provision

As I type this update I'm overwhelmed by God's provision. It's been a little over two weeks since our family relocated to Jacksonville and we are finally starting to get settled.

I'm incredibly excited to have the opportunity to focus my time and energy on the new 6:8 Ministries Children's Ranch Project. You will be hearing more about this exciting project in the near future.

While the purpose of our move was clear, there was much that was uncertain. As we prepared to leave Costa Rica we sold almost everything we owned. We were not sure how we would be able to replace all of the stuff we would need to set-up house in Jacksonville. However, God provided more than I would have ever expected. God used His people to provide furniture, appliances, household items, and even vehicles! He even sent people to cut the grass and take care of the lawn!

This has been as a faith building experience, and good reminder that God has promised to provide for all of our needs. Sometimes, I tend to forget that God has promised to meet all of our family's physical needs. This can lead to worry and lack of faith. While it's easy for me to understand that God will always be there for my eternal salvation and forgiveness of sin; it's sometimes difficult to think that He cares about the small things...but you know what...He does! It's amazing to think that the same God that spoke the universe into creation, still cares about every little detail in my life.

I hope this serves as a reminder to you as well. God cares about you and is constantly providing for you. He loves you, and He has promised to provide for all of needs. This isn't prosperity theology, rather it's covenant theology. He has made a promise, and He always makes good on His promises!

In closing, I would ask that you would join us in praying for our family as we make this transition. Pray that we will continue to recognize how He is providing for us, and please pray that He will increase our family's monthly support. I'm not going to worry about it, rather I'm going to try to trust Him to increase it!

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