Impromptu Field Trip

We decided to take a 'quick' little field trip to Mundo de Las Serpientes today. We read a lot about snakes last week and Spencer found the site when he was trying to figure out what kind of snake it was that we kept finding in the house.

The boys each got to hold a milksnake. (Alix was not interested.)
Seth noticed how the snake was 'smelling' him with his tongue. Then we remembered that he will use his Jacobson's Organ to analyze the information he brings in with his tongue.
Nathan is our animal lover. Spencer was suggesting to Nathan that he might be a Vet or scientist when he gets older. Christopher suggested a herpetologist. :o)

We think someone's lunch has escaped.
(Photo of Seth and Bunny by Alix)

On the way we had taken 'the scenic route', and it was raining when we got there...but all in all it was a beautiful and fun day.

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