Another Snake Sighting

I've got to learn to be more prepared when Seth wants me to come look at something in his room. This little bugger was on the floor, right next to where they were playing Legos. He looks quite a bit different than the others we have been finding in the house lately. Also, this one is still alive, whereas most of the other were dead. He has more of a pattern and his body seems to be wide and flat.

Some pictures of the scales underneath reveal a spotty-striped pattern (how's that for scientific?). (Just ignore the dust on his head, apparently he has been hanging out under the bed.) Below is another belly shot, but you can also see how wide his body is compared to his tail.

For now, he is in a little plastic cage, waiting for dad to come home and share all of his snake wisdom with us. I wish we had found him a week ago so we could take him to the World of Snakes and get a professional opinion. Off to google...(but there doesn't seem to be many sites for 'what the heck kind of snake did I just find under my bed?')

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Jen Unsell said...

Yikes! I don't think I would handle that very well.