So, we are home. Home from our four week long trip...well, home. It is a little odd to feel so at home in two such different places. It was great seeing friends and family...a little sad because we did not get to see everyone we wanted to see. It was so short...and yet so long. Spencer and I were exhausted and the kids were ready to be home.

I was a little nervous about coming back. Mostly I was afraid of this 'funk' that I seem to go through every time we come back. I didn't tell Spencer how I was feeling...I guess I am a little intimidated by his drive, passion and vision. I never want to be the one that brings him down. As he asked me to proof his newsletter, I was surprised to find that he was having the same struggle.

Maybe it is knowing that I am not alone in my weakness. Maybe it is that my friends have been praying for me. Either way, I am happy to be back and do feel refreshed and ready to face this next season of being here. I am thankful.


Jen Unsell said...

I'll be praying for you Molly! So glad you guys made it home safely.

beth said...

wow....love it. you're amazing.