Punk Kid, Part 2

Do you remember Jorge, the Punk Kid? When we first met Jorge he was a liar, thief, bully, and failing in school. Jorge, like most of us had issues and needed some help. Jorge was sponsored by Spencer's father, and everything started to change. First he attended an event hosted by one of the mission teams and accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. Soon his attitude changed and he began to smile! He started to be more pleasant and respectful. He even started making better grades! (Part of this may have been the monetary incentive, as we have started paying each child one dollar per "A" on their final exams and report cards.)

God is working in Jorge's life. Our prayer for Jorge is that he will continue to enjoy and excel in school. If he can finish school this will greatly increase his chances of finding good employment and allow an escape from the poverty.

Praise God for His faithfulness!

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