Hoarding Tendencies

A couple weeks ago we had a mission team help a family clean house. This family really needed a lot of help. While I did not help with this particular house, I have helped in a similar circumstance and can relate to what it was like.

This house was packed to the gills. They had a back room with piles of junk, including a shopping cart and broken typewriter. The bathroom was disgusting. No soap in the shower and feces in the sink. In the bedrooms, piles and piles of moldy clothes under which they found a bag with some unopened bars of soap.

Pastor Jorge took the family aside and had a talk with all of them. He encouraged them to clean out the old in order to make room for new blessings that God will bring.

Hearing the team talk of their experiences in this home made me think of my home: my heart. All of the baggage that I have stored in my 'back room' for a rainy day. You never know when you are going to need a broken typewriter or shopping cart? I have 'pet' sins and insecurities that I hold onto, because you never know when you might need to bring them out and dust them off, right?

I need Jesus to come and clean my house. I need Him to shine light in my dark places and clean the crap out of my sink. He is ready to get his hands dirty and throw my junk away. Why? Because He loves me. He loves me more than I could ever comprehend. He wants me to quit hoarding all of this garbage in order to make room for Him.

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Becky said...

Very well said. I know what you mean. It is our fear that HE won't "come through" with what we need that makes us hold on to our brokenness and strategies---Just in case. I want a faith that really trusts. Thanks.