PhotoHunt: 13

Thirteen children (and 1 adult) playing basketball with the new goals set up by last week's Mission Team. Mason Community Church sent a team of children (and parents). While they were here, they put up new soccer and basketball goals, built a playground, and painted a mural at Los Filtros Elementary school. They also visited the senior center, the feeding center, and opened the Juan Pablo community center. It was 6:8 Ministries' first team of elementary aged children. You can read Spencer's thoughts on the 6:8 blog.

The mission team along with the children and teachers of Los Filtros.


Dianne said...

Nice 13 shot. I'm waiting for the person who has 13 of their own kids to post!

JAMIE said...

What a great picture for this weeks 13 theme.
Looks like all the kids were having lots of fun.
I LOVE the mural ~so beautiful.