Sunday School in Juan Pablo

Last Sunday was the first week of Sunday School for the children of Juan Pablo. We are praising God for this new ministry of Mt. Sinai Church.

A year ago we started a feeding center at Mt. Sinai, funded by a church in the States. It is run completely by the women of Mt. Sinai who tirelessly come in twice a week to prepare, serve, and clean up after children. This has greatly strengthened Mt. Sinai's presence in thie community and they have grown incredibly. Now they are are looking outward as they serve...

Sunday, Jorge and a group of teens from Mt. Sinai came and had Sunday School for Juan Pablo kids. Anyone who has helped in the Community Center there knows that it is like herding cats to get these kids organized, but miraculously they sat quietly and listened.

The teens got up front and helped lead singing, not embarrased about being seen by passers-by. Jorge is truly gifted in working with people of all ages. We feel blessed to know this group of believers who are so bold and tireless in their efforts to take the Gospel into Juan Pablo. I am excited to see what else God has in store!

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