Leaf Frogs and Poison Dart Frogs

These are our frog pictures from our day at the Butterfly Farm in Jaco.

The Gaudy Leaf Frog, a worldwide symbol for Tropical Rainforests.

Barred Leaf Frog

Masked Tree Frog

Strawberry Dart Frog

Yellow Striped Dart Frog. I learned that when captive, these poison dart frogs are less poisonous. A diet of fire ants is thought to be what makes them deadly.

Green and Black Poison Dart Frog Our guide was telling us they can tell where they come from by which color is dominant, black or green. If I remember correctly, the black ones come from the Caribbean coast.

Now, if we could just see some in wild...

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Elizabeth said...

jack would LOVE this - he's asked me so many times if we will see poison dart frogs when we go....