Try Try Again

I understand that I have totally neglected this blog-thing. I guess I was intimidated. I don't know. Like I had to impart some spiritual, missionary wisdom as I wrote (you know, like Spencer's Ramblings. Talk about pressure!). The result? I didn't write anything. And who wants to read about my so-called-missionary life anyway? I am not going out and preaching on the street corners every day or holding all night prayer meetings. There are some weeks I don't even leave the house.

So what do my days look like? I am home with the kids. We read a lot, homeschool, read some more. We are doing better homeschooling here than ever before. I have fewer distractions and am not spending my days running errands. The result? We are learning together and I am getting to know my kids. What else do I do? I cook. It seems like there is often a group of people here and they are always hungry. There is no calling Domino's for the 5-5-5 deal here. So I go in and make beans and rice, or sometimes rice and beans.

Then there are those moments when ChiChi will come by and has had a hard week. He likes to talk. He is excited about his new relationship with God and comes in with all sorts of questions. But this is getting long and I want to give ChiChi justice when I share some of our conversations. The point of all this? I guess there is no point except that I am going to give it a go again.

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Anonymous said...

I just love you girl. Your page looks great. It was fun seeing the soap carving in action. Keep taking the pictures, they really look good. Did you take the cover photo? I like it- so artsy.